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Frequently asked questions

How often do we run?

Given the current state of the pandemic, we are unable to guarantee a set period between each event. However, we can't wait to host the events and welcome you!
Thank you for your understanding.

Do I have to pay?

Short answer: No Long(er) answer: We have been funded by The Spark Fund to run these events so they are completely free for you!

Do you have to go to the counselling sessions?

The counselling sessions are open and optional whilst completely free. The counsellors are fully trained and experienced in their field. There are two ways to engage in the counselling sessions:
1. You can engage in small group processing sessions so that you don't feel alone or isolated 2. You can attend a short free 1-to-1 session with any of our trained counsellors.

What to expect

Expect to be welcomed by our friendly team and to leave with confidence and techniques to help you manage any challenges mental health related + a goodie bag filled of resources to help you for the future. During the event:

  • A range of mental wellbeing seminars delivered by experts in their field and maybe even a couple special guests.
  • Small group counselling sessions processing the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on our mental wellbeing.
  • Opportunities to meet other young people who have experienced similar challenges and to know that you are not alone (each You Matter event is designed to be more cozy and connective).

What to bring

Come in your own clothes, no need to wear your school uniform (in fact we encourage you not to). As a result of Covid-19, we are unable to offer refreshments (although we will later on) so bring water and a snack. Bring a pen and paper to make notes (if you want) Depending on the Government's advice, appropriate face coverings (unless medically exempt)

We exist to tell young people that they matter and their mental health matters. We are hosting a safe space for young people to process the disruption of Covid-19 and be equipped to pursue good mental health practices in their everyday lives.



What Happens at You Matter events?


You Matter is for young people aged 11-18


We provide small group sessions with accredited counsellors - specifically focused on sharing our Covid-19/Lockdown and the return to school stories. We want to help young people process the pandemic they have lived through and the way it has impacted their lives and mental health. 1 to 1 counselling can also be arranged.


As well as small group times, there will be a variety of seminars on how to positively pursue good mental health practices.


Each young person who attends will walk away with a You Matter goody bag - filled with top resources and tips to help support strong mental wellbeing.




Young People are at the heart of You Matter events:


The leaders behind the idea for You Matter are teenagers, Alex and Tilum. Here's their story:


"One Friday night at youth club, after many discussions about the pressures of school and life we dedicated a whole youth session to talk about mental health and provide space to share and pray. Out of that evening, it became evident that schools have limited capacity to listen to and support young people in this area, and we said that we should talk about this with other young people. From this point, we shared the idea for events with seminar options about equipping young people to get good mental health, 1 to 1 counselling available, with our youth leaders and the idea for You Matter developed from there."